One of our goals is to make the world a more connected and intelligent place. And what could be more revolutionary than a Conversational Chatbot “sitting” on a supermarket shelf, able to proactively provide detailed information to consumers?
By leveraging multiple areas of artificial intelligence (AI), namely natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, image recognition, and machine learning (ML), the bot can understand its counterpart’s intent, adapt its conversational script, and provide more personalized feedback to each individual.

We focused on understanding how to improve daily shopping activities by enabling people to become familiar with the product using a voice assistant.
We know that most consumers want immediate feedback and resolution to their problems, and when they don’t, people tend to express a high level of frustration towards the brand, the company, or most commonly, the people in front of them.

So how can these Conversational Chatbots help?

Thanks to its fast proactive/reactive responses, consistency, and accuracy (thanks to blockchain technology), Conversational Chatbot helps companies improve overall customer service, implement business automation, and work towards scalability. It also helps businesses gather valuable information about their products thanks to the customer feedback that the Conversational Chatbot has been able to identify and provide.
According to Gartner, a very high percentage of communication with businesses already occurs without direct interaction of another human.
Now imagine the future.
If this is already the case in 2020, the trend will intensify even further, towards more complex technologies and faster, more precise interactions between humans and robots.


Does your business need a Conversational Chatbot like that?

Well, the answer is: it depends.
While technology is a smart, cost-effective solution, in the long run, you need to understand very well what purpose you are serving with your business and, most importantly, who you are serving.
There are many scenarios where such a Bot would be a smart choice, such as retail, as mentioned above, but not just in supermarkets. Anywhere products are on display, a conversational chatbot would be a great option to engage customers by providing transparent information: Fashion, makeup, technology, and even pharmaceutical facilities. People are becoming more aware every day, and this openness is highly appreciated by these people.

Truth is, we should not just focus on the product. Many services would achieve more customer satisfaction if they had a conversational chatbot at the entrance of their buildings to help people sort out their problems.

Unfortunately, the reality today is that social distance complicates various processes, making it difficult for people to find solutions, such as applying for financial assistance for their families and businesses or even making regular medical appointments.
To some, this may sound like a small thing, but success lies in the small details.
Customers appreciate when they feel valued and heard.
They are happy when companies go out of their way to solve their problems.
They then trust you, come back, and recommend you to others.
In the long run, such people will give your company more visibility and growth.

But is it that easy?

Well, not really. Certainly, many companies would benefit from such technology right now. There’s no question about that for us. The point is this: All processes should be aligned with this new technology. Technological growth and digital innovation should be at the heart of your growth strategy. Companies need to understand that work needs to be done on their entire ecosystem, and that takes time and resources. Fortunately, with the right digital innovation partner, these difficulties are greatly reduced, and you are guaranteed the most advanced technology and the best guidance for your success.

So, can you help?

Sure thing! At LOAD, we have full access to the best technical know-how and highly qualified staff. Thanks to our many years of experience in various industries, we have a feel for different customers, their needs, requirements, and problems. We offer customized digital products and solutions for YOUR specific needs, because our main goal is, above all, your success.

What now?

Now you get in touch with us.
You need to know that all your questions and doubts have an answer. Sometimes it may take a little longer to get there, but it is there. Do not put off your innovation process just because you feel there are too many obstacles. We are here to break them down and open up a whole new path for you.


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